About us

CYMA specializes in reusable bags. We provide dozens of bag products, tailoring to the needs of every shopper, from busy moms to wine connoisseurs. These bags are made from Eco-friendly materials as an alternative to furthering the production of disposable bags and can be used again and again.

CYMA is the retail product division of Duratech Group.  Duratech Group has been involved in store supplies products since 1993.  In 2004 they expanded their business model and developed a focus on the sale of retail products; thus CYMA was created. As an innovative retail company CYMA strives to continue to create user friendly products that employ fresh design ideas, and make use of developments in technology and materials.

CYMA Save the World Bags are currently for sale in several national chain stores. We have the capacity to service all range of accounts from national chain stores to the smaller independently owned stores as well. We treat every client like he/she is the most important client to us. Every tote is guaranteed to perform to specification. We believe the best way to manage cost in the long term is to start with a high quality product.